What Is Spring Boot?

By | September 9, 2018

Spring Boot is a framework created by Pivotal. Spring Boot is very popular in java community because this framework can make it easy to create stand-alone web application. This framework is designed to simplify the bootstrapping and development of a new Spring application. Developers just need a very little Spring configuration to run web application, because the framework takes an opinionated approach to configuration and helping developers to speed up configurations.

What Is Spring Boot?

Spring Boot is the most popular framework in the world for Java, Kotlin and Groovy developers (backend developer). Any programmers can make and runs new web application on a web server in just less than five minutes with spring boot.

Spring Boot Main Features

  1. Create stand-alone Spring applications
  2. No more boilerplate configuration
  3. Provide opinionated ‘starter’ dependencies to simplify your build configuration
  4. Embed Tomcat, Jetty or Undertow directly (no need to deploy WAR files)
  5. Provide production-ready features such as metrics, health checks and externalized configuration
  6. Automatically configure Spring and 3rd party libraries whenever possible
  7. Absolutely no code generation and no requirement for XML configuration

what is spring boot?


Spring boot can make your life easier because this is a framework which provides RAD (Rapid Application Development). I’m really love with this framework because this spring boot contains lots of magic :). So what is Spring Boot according to you? Please comment in down below if you have another opinion.


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