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WebFlux Pagination For Reactive Spring Data

In this example I’m trying to create wrapper for pagination with reactive code in spring 5. I have created simple rest endpoint for finding all entities using spring web-flux and spring data reactive mongoDB with pagination. WebFlux Pagination For Reactive Spring Data In Spring Data 1.0, we have PagingAndSortingRepository which inherits from CrudRepository. In reactive Spring Data, we… Read More »

Create Git Repository on Github.com

This is how to create git repository and save your project on github.com. 1.Sign up on github 2.Add new repository 3.Select the owner of repository and fill repository name 4.Fill the description field but this is optional 5.Select public repository type for free use 6.Then click “Create repository” button For example see this image below: 7.Go to your project… Read More »