IntelliJ IDEA – Find and Replace Text

Find and replace text on intellij idea by using (ctrl+R) or (ctrl+shift+R) for windows. Find and replace If you want to find and replace word on a file just use (Ctrl+R). But if you need to replace word in all file, you can use (Ctrl+Shift+R) shortcut.   For example search and replace in all file, see image below:… Read More »

IntelliJ IDEA – Auto Complete Code

Auto complete code is the most common used feature in intellij idea. You can try this auto complete with (ctrl+space) for windows and (^Space) for mac. Auto Complete Code See the image below: Super completion with (Control-Shift-Space), the completion is based on type, not name. For more goodness: Help -> Default Keymap Reference Related System.out.println Shortcut Restart and… Read More »

IntelliJ IDEA – Import Project From Git Repository

This is how to import project from git repository with intellij idea. 1.Open your IDE (IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate) 2.On top left IDE menu, choose “File” -> “New” -> “Project form Version Control” -> “Git” 3.Go to git repository, copy and paste repository url like this 4.Finally, just click clone button. References Github IntelliJ IDEA IDE (Integrated development environment)

Create Git Repository on

This is how to create git repository and save your project on 1.Sign up on github 2.Add new repository 3.Select the owner of repository and fill repository name 4.Fill the description field but this is optional 5.Select public repository type for free use 6.Then click “Create repository” button For example see this image below: 7.Go to your project… Read More »

IntelliJ IDEA – Import Spring Boot Maven / Gradle Project

This is how to import spring boot with maven or gradle project in intellij idea. 1.Open your intellij idea 2.In top left menu, choose “File” -> “New” -> “Project from existing sources…” 3.Choose your project in your local disk, but make sure there is a pom.xml or .gradle file inside your project. Then click “OK” 4.Select option “import… Read More »

IntelliJ IDEA – Create Spring Boot Application

This is how to create spring boot application from IntelliJ IDEA. 1. On the top IDE menu choose “File” -> “New” -> “Project…” 2. Setup JDK 3. Fill project details like group artifact type of build tools (maven or gradle) programming language (java, kotlin, groovy) packaging (jar or war) file application name application description package (com.example.module-name) 4. Choose… Read More »