IntelliJ IDEA – Find and Replace Text

By | June 17, 2018

Find and replace text on intellij idea by using (ctrl+R) or (ctrl+shift+R) for windows.

Find and replace

If you want to find and replace word on a file just use (Ctrl+R).

replace shortcut on intellij idea

But if you need to replace word in all file, you can use (Ctrl+Shift+R) shortcut.


For example search and replace in all file, see image below:

Find and Replace shortcut on intelliJ IDEA

In the search panel, you can determine the searching location. If you see image above, you can find four option tabs (In project, Module, Directory or Scope).

The crazy things about search in intellij idea is “fast!” and really-really fast. I do not find this kind of experience in any other IDE. You can also using regex or matching file with extention too if really needed.

Finding and replacing text in Intellij IDEA

Finding and replacing text in Intellij IDEA

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