How to Install IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Version

By | April 22, 2018

IntelliJ IDEA – In this tutorial i will show to you how to install IntelliJ IDEA ultimate version.

How to Install IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Version

Step 1 – Download Installer

Download intellij idea installer on jetbrains official website here

how to install intellij idea ultimate version







Click download button and you will be redirect into installer download page.  Then choose or click download on ultimate version.

install intellij idea

Step 2 – Run Installer

Open installer with double click or right click then choose open.

intellij idea license for free

Step 3 – Follow IntelliJ IDEA Setup

intellij idea setup

uninstall intellij idea old version








Step 4 – Choose install destination folder

choose destination folder intellij idea








Step 5 – Choose shortcut launcher and file associations

For this tutorial i’ll choose 64 bit launcher and Java, Groovy, Kotlin for file associations.

intellij idea launcher and file associations








Step 6 – Wait for installation process

intellij idea tipsintellij idea trick








Step 7 – Activation

Choose activation and then choose activate license with “Activation Code”. You will be prompted to enter the license code. Then copy and paste your activation code into text box and click button “OK”.

Note: In this tutorial i’m using students license. Because it’s FREE for one year. If you want too, here for students or teacher license.

intellij idea License activationintellij idea license activation code










Done! finally you can use the smarter IDE in the world! – IntelliJ IDEA.

intellij idea popup menu

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