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By | June 14, 2018

This is how to create git repository and save your project on

1.Sign up on github

2.Add new repository

create repository on github

3.Select the owner of repository and fill repository name

4.Fill the description field but this is optional

5.Select public repository type for free use

6.Then click “Create repository” button

For example see this image below:

create a new repository on github

7.Go to your project directory and open command prompt inside

push project to git repository

8.Type “git init” then press “enter”

9.Type again “git add .” and press “enter”

10.Type (git commit -m “First commit”) then press “enter”

11.Add remote repository -> type (git remote add origin

12.To push all local commit code on github repo -> git push -u origin master

For all this steps i’m just follow the instruction below:

how to create git repository

After that you can refresh your github repository and your code is already on the git cloud repository. That’s it.

In this example “Create Git Repository” i’m using console trick. But if you want to feel better experience, you can use github native desktop application to manage your repository.

Note** : Before you try all this steps, make sure git is already installed on the computer.

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