Convert Array to List In Java 8

By | July 31, 2018

In java 8 you can easily to convert array to list with stream.

Convert Array to List In Java 8

For example:

   String[] array = new String[10];

    List<String> listCollection =;
    ArrayList<String> arrayListCollection =;
    Set<String> setCollection =;
    HashSet<String> hashSetCollection =;
    TreeSet<String> treeSetCollection =;
    LinkedList<String> linkedListCollection =;
    LinkedHashSet<String> linkedHashSetCollection =;
    ArrayDeque<String> arrayDequeCollection =;
    PriorityQueue<String> priorityQueueCollection =;

Convert Array to List In Java 8

Java 8 stream is very useful. You can do many thing with that. I hope this will help you to convert some array to list in java code.

BUT in simple case to convert Array to List just do like this :


You also can search another example in google with this keyword : “Converting Array to List, How to convert a primitive Array to List, Java Array to List“.

Simple convert array to list in java

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