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How To Start Learn Go Programming Language (Golang)

How To Start Learn Go?

In this tutorial i’ll tell to you how to start learn go programming language.

how to start learn go - golang org


Go (often referred to as Golang) is a programming language created at Google in 2009 by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson. Go is a statically typed compiled language in the tradition of C, with memory safety, garbage collection, structural typing, and CSP-style concurrent programming features added. The compiler, tools and source code are all free and open source.

Step 1 – Install Golang

To start learn golang you must install go in your operating system. Download golang installer here. Select the installer that matches your operating system.

install golang steps 1install golang steps 2install golang steps 3 install golang steps 2 install golang steps 3 install golang steps 4

After that, check installation with command prompt to make sure the installation works properly.

Just type go and press enter see the image below:

How To Start Learn Go Programming Language (Golang)

Step 2 – Create Very Simple Application

To be continue…


IntelliJ IDEA – Find and Replace Text

Find and replace text on intellij idea by using (ctrl+R) or (ctrl+shift+R) for windows.

Find and replace

If you want to find and replace word on a file just use (Ctrl+R).

replace shortcut on intellij idea

But if you need to replace word in all file, you can use (Ctrl+Shift+R) shortcut.


For example search and replace in all file, see image below:

Find and Replace shortcut on intelliJ IDEA

In the search panel, you can determine the searching location. If you see image above, you can find four option tabs (In project, Module, Directory or Scope).

The crazy things about search in intellij idea is “fast!” and really-really fast. I do not find this kind of experience in any other IDE. You can also using regex or matching file with extention too if really needed.

Finding and replacing text in Intellij IDEA

Finding and replacing text in Intellij IDEA

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IntelliJ IDEA – Auto Complete Code

Auto complete code is the most common used feature in intellij idea. You can try this auto complete with (ctrl+space) for windows and (^Space) for mac.

Auto Complete Code

See the image below:

auto complete code intellij idea ultimate

Code completion

Super completion with (Control-Shift-Space), the completion is based on type, not name. For more goodness: Help -> Default Keymap Reference

Auto-Completing Code

Auto-Completing Code


How to Clone Git Repository with Command Prompt (CMD)

Clone git repository is very easy, This coding tutorial is about how to clone git repository with command prompt or CMD.

Clone Git Repository

1.Go to the repository to be cloned and copy the repository url.

clone git repository

2.Open command prompt in any directory

3.Make sure you is already install git-scm in your machine (laptop/pc)

4.Type “git clone {repository url}” in your command prompt. For example “git clone” then press “enter”. That’s it.

clone git repository with command prompt


  1. Import project from Git repository
  2. Create git repository

Create Git Repository on

This is how to create git repository and save your project on

1.Sign up on github

2.Add new repository

create repository on github

3.Select the owner of repository and fill repository name

4.Fill the description field but this is optional

5.Select public repository type for free use

6.Then click “Create repository” button

For example see this image below:

create a new repository on github

7.Go to your project directory and open command prompt inside

push project to git repository

8.Type “git init” then press “enter”

9.Type again “git add .” and press “enter”

10.Type (git commit -m “First commit”) then press “enter”

11.Add remote repository -> type (git remote add origin

12.To push all local commit code on github repo -> git push -u origin master

For all this steps i’m just follow the instruction below:

how to create git repository

After that you can refresh your github repository and your code is already on the git cloud repository. That’s it.

In this example “Create Git Repository” i’m using console trick. But if you want to feel better experience, you can use github native desktop application to manage your repository.

Note** : Before you try all this steps, make sure git is already installed on the computer.

IntelliJ IDEA – Import Spring Boot Maven / Gradle Project

This is how to import spring boot with maven or gradle project in intellij idea.

1.Open your intellij idea

2.In top left menu, choose “File” -> “New” -> “Project from existing sources…”

IntelliJ IDEA - Import Spring Boot Maven-Gradle Project

3.Choose your project in your local disk, but make sure there is a pom.xml or .gradle file inside your project. Then click “OK”

import maven project on intellij idea

4.Select option “import project form external model” and choose your build tools type. In this example i’m using maven for build tools.

import gradle project on intellij Idea

5.Then click “Next” with default settings

import existing project from intellij idea ultimate

6.Finally, select your SDK.

import project in intellij idea

That is how to import spring boot on IntelliJ IDEA.